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K9 & Conservation Program

Dive Into Wildlife Conservation with Expert K9 Training

Embark on an exhilarating 12-day adventure with our K9 and Conservation Program. Set in the heart of South Africa’s stunning landscapes, this program is tailored for those passionate about wildlife conservation and K9s. Gain hands-on experience in K9 obedience, detection, and bite work, under the guidance of expert trainers like Arne Samyn, a seasoned Belgian professional with extensive experience in the military and police sectors. Learn about anti-poaching activities, wildlife tracking, and comprehensive conservation education. This program offers a unique opportunity to develop practical skills, understand the complexities of wildlife conservation, and make a significant impact. Join us for a transformative experience that blends K9 training with vital conservation efforts, preparing you to contribute effectively to wildlife protection globally.




The K9 & Conservation program takes place over a period of 12 days. 



The program costs $ 3000 per person.  This includes food, beverages, activities, and accommodation. T&Cs apply. 


Group Size

The program is available to groups of 10 to 16 people. The groups generally comprise students from the same university. Bookings are made per group. For individual bookings look at the bookings tab. 



Currently, up to two groups can be hosted per month. Look on our bookings page for availabilities. 

What you can expect

Dive into Dynamic K9 Training and Conservation Efforts

Embark on an exhilarating journey with our K9 and Conservation Program. The program includes a variety of dynamic experiences, but please note that wildlife conservation is not a controlled environment, and each trip is unique. The range of activities and wildlife experiences may vary depending on the circumstances during the specific program you attend. However, we promise to provide you with an action-packed, adventure-filled program.

  • Intensive training by Arne Samyn

    • Obedience and Animal Welfare

      • Basic principles of obedience for a broad foundation.

      • Understanding communication to reduce frustration.

      • Recognizing body signals and turning negative reinforcement into positive.

      • Motivating dogs to perform exercises with pleasure.

    • E-collar Training

      • Proper use and positive application of e-collars.

      • Avoiding misuse and focusing on reinforcement.

    • Detection

      • Comprehensive material knowledge.

      • Internal and external rewards.

      • Environmental influences on scent and search results.

      • Different search patterns and their applications.

    • Bite Work

      • Control and focus in bite work.

      • Preventing frustration and focusing on defense.

      • Verbal and non-verbal commands.

      • Guard mode vs. non-guard mode.

  • Snake handling.

  • First aid for K9's.

  • Talks with conservationists.

  • K9-oriented conservation activities.

  • Bushveld Braai experiences.

  • Pilanesberg National Park day tour (optional).

  • Hartbeespoort dam day visit to the Chamelon Village (optional).

  • K9 Anti-Poaching and Wildlife Farm Introduction.

  • Rhino Sanctuary work.

  • Wildlife experiences.

  • Informative talks and experiences on wildlife conservation.

  • Contributing to wildlife conservation.

  • Workshirts, water bottles, and other goodies.

  • Shopping trips and experiences.

  • Game drives

How will you benefit?

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from seasoned trainers like Arne Samyn, with extensive military and police experience.

  • Hands-On Training: Gain practical skills in K9 obedience, detection, and bite work.

  • Conservation Techniques: Understand wildlife tracking and anti-poaching strategies.

  • Real-World Scenarios: Participate in realistic training exercises that simulate field conditions.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with conservation professionals and fellow enthusiasts.

  • Wildlife Conservation Insight: Learn from talks with conservationists and participate in sanctuary duties.

  • Advanced Skills: Master e-collar usage and shaping techniques for effective dog training.

  • Personal Development: Build confidence and problem-solving skills through hands-on activities.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge: Cover a wide range of topics from snake handling to dog first aid.

  • Unique Environment: Experience the diverse ecosystems of South Africa, enhancing your learning in a unique natural setting.

  • Increased Awareness: Develop a deep understanding of the ethical and practical challenges in wildlife conservation.

  • Leadership Skills: Enhance your ability to lead and manage both K9 units and conservation efforts effectively.

  • Cultural Experience: Immerse yourself in South African culture and conservation practices, broadening your global perspective.

About Arne

Arne Samyn is a highly experienced and passionate dog trainer from Belgium, now offering his expertise in South Africa. At 34 years old, he has dedicated many years to mastering the art of canine training. His professional career includes extensive work with military, police, and private security sectors in Belgium.

Arne's expertise spans obedience training, bite work, detection, and tracking. He has worked on significant projects, including assignments at Belgian airports, NATO bases, and EU meetings. His comprehensive approach to dog training focuses on forming a strong team with the dog and effectively communicating to achieve specific tasks.

Arne holds numerous certifications in detection training and has extensive experience working with high-profile organizations. His hands-on approach and ability to evaluate and guide both dog and handler make him an invaluable asset to the K9 and Conservation Program.

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