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Rhino Connect Veterinary Program

Embracing Wildlife Medicine, Knowledge, Conservation, and Practical Veterinary Experience

At Rhino Connect, we offer specialized 12-day programs designed for veterinary students, volunteers, conservationists, and enthusiasts. Our programs, which align with 'Wildlife Veterinary Student Programs', provide a blend of comprehensive knowledge in wildlife care and conservation, tailored to each participant's focus. Set against the magnificent backdrop of South Africa's bushveld, our programs offer veterinary students crucial hands-on experience in wildlife veterinary work, meeting the requirements of various educational institutions.

Beyond practical skills, our programs delve into the complex challenges of conservation in Africa. This invaluable experience equips you with the confidence and expertise to work with large African animals and contribute positively to wildlife conservation globally. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of wildlife conservation."

2024 Availabilities

Veterinary Student Program

  • July 28 - August 8

  • August 11 - August 22

Conservation Program

  • July 13 - July 25

K9 & Conservation Program

  • September 1 - September 12

Group bookings (min 7. participants)

  • October 24 - November 4

  • November 6 - November 17

  • Other potential dates are TBD - please reach out

“All of the vets and staff we worked with were incredible! So knowledgeable, willing to teach, kind and passionate. It was an honour to experience.”

Veterinary student participant 2023


Rhino Connect

Founded in 2016, Rhino Connect is an organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of rhinos. Our mission extends beyond preservation efforts; we actively engage in wildlife protection initiatives and strive to increase public awareness about the challenges facing these majestic creatures. By collaborating with local communities, dedicated conservationists, and wildlife professionals, Rhino Connect plays a crucial role in ensuring the survival and well-being of rhinos in their natural habitats.

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